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Icon_missing_medium hoovermatt 1 Post

General No-Till / Should I plow? Smoothing and getting rocks out

I have a 40 acre field that has been in continuous no-till since 2011.  Its narrow and a 1/2 mile long, all sloping to one end.  Its developed a few washouts over the years.  I fixed one washout up and planted a grass waterway.  This field is also pretty rocky.

What I'm toying around in my mind is doing some kind of tillage to level the still existing washouts and bring the rocks out so I can run a rock picker over the field.  After that I would plant a cover crop to hold the soil in place.  I feel that with the existing waterway and if I always use a cover that it will hold everything in place.

Do you guys have any thoughts or experience on that and if positive what type of tillage?

Icon_missing_medium larry 3 Posts

Equipment / tractor requirement

I was wondering what tractors farmers are using to pull their john deere  20' 1590 drills. I currently pull mine with a cat 45 which I would like to sell and get a mfd wheel tractor. I have read that the minimum requirement is 150 hp. I farm mildly rolling hills and my drill does have dry fertilizer.


Icon_missing_medium baddog87 1 Post

Welcome to Farmers Forum / planting into winter rye

I'd like to know also.  I plan on killing mine after.  I planted into alfalfa and weeds like that last year and it worked fine.  I hear both ways though.

Icon_missing_medium healer 1 Post

Welcome to Farmers Forum / planting into winter rye

do you have to kill winter rye one to two weeks before you plant corn or can you plant first than kill winter rye.you hear about both procedures being best

Icon_missing_medium LBarrera 2 Posts

Crop Protection / If Glyphosate Were Not an Option

A grower in France is looking to improve his soil health by no-tilling. He'd like to know: What would U.S. no-tillers do if Roundup Ready and other genetically modified crops were not allowed? If a Europe-wide ban on glyphosate occurs in the next 10 years, what would you do if you were a grower in Europe trying to no-till?

If you grow any non-GMO crops or have suggestions for this farmer on how to make no-till work without glyphosate, your response would be appreciated.

Icon_missing_medium farmerbrier 1 Post

Cover Crops / Terminating Annual Rye Grass

I have a beautiful stand of ARG this year.  I've always sprayed then planted corn into ARG about 10 days later.  Anyone tried planting corn into green annual rye then terminating?  In East central Indiana I'm not too worried about the soil being too dry before planting.  I've planted green into cereal rye before soybeans with great success.  Thanks.

Icon_missing_medium LBarrera 2 Posts

Nutrient and Residue Management / Best way to integrate manure in a no-till system

A dairy farmer in New York is asking the following question:


What is the best way to integrate animal waste into a no-till system?


For the past 20 years we have been injecting manure into the soil, first with a shank injector, then with the use of an Aerway system. 


 In 2015, we did not inject our manure, instead we broadcast manure on a living cover crop. This worked well for us, however our state regulators are encouraging us to go back to mechanical injection.


Any input would be appreciated as we plan for the 2016 growing season.

Icon_missing_medium larry 3 Posts

Soil, Seeding and Planting / 2,4-d damage

I used 1 pint along with 1.5 pints glyphos. I planted the field within a day, the seed was planted 1-1.5" deep. WE had good moisture when planted and about 3 tenths of an inch of rain about a week after planting . At first I thought I should have put the seed at 1/2" because the soil was cold but the more I thought about it that 3 tenths of rain probably moved the 2,4-d right on the seed. I had never read the label in regards to planting times after application. I will now probably try banvel with glyphos.




Icon_missing_medium Matt Van Slyke 1 Post

Soil, Seeding and Planting / 2,4-d damage

My Midwest Mgr. with 45 years in seed and the last 10 in covers says 2,4-D can have residual effect on seedlings especially without enough rains. He really likes Sharpen for its quick half-life and kill power on legumes and broadleaves.

Ntf%20pro Farmerjim 1 Post

Cover Crops / Soybeans as a cover

I would want to do a pre plant nitrate test just to be sure. Soybeans produce a lot of N and they make a great cover crop and soil conditioner but there are so many factors to consider when you first try something like this that you need to be sure.

N is fickle and gets away from your crop in a lot of different ways.

The PPNT is fairly quick and it will give you a better idea of what you need to hit your targets and expectations.

all the best and looking forward to your updates on how it is working out as the season goes on.

Best regards


Icon_missing_medium larry 3 Posts

Soil, Seeding and Planting / 2,4-d damage

has any experianced poor germination in small grain by spraying 2,4-d  as part of their burndown?

Icon_missing_medium Fletch 1 Post

Cover Crops / Soybeans as a cover

Hi Germarsh,

I am going into cover crops in a big way this coming year and hope to try what you are doing in the future.  One thing you could do is put some biology on your seed to make sure it is in the soil.  I am going to try this seed coat from profit pro. http://www.profitproag.com/products/conventional-crop/seed-coating/profitpro-pb-planter-box/


PS Be sure to post what were the results this fall. 

Icon_missing_medium gemarsh 1 Post

Cover Crops / Soybeans as a cover

Planted soybeans after wheat as a cover crop at 160k/acre. I had a local soil testing company do a few dry matter analysis's before the first frost according to their guidelines.

This is what was reported back to me...with these results and my soil samples, I plan on not using any fertilizers on this year corn crop. I can apply N if needed thru pivot. This field has been no tilled since '97 on a CBW rotation and a variety of covers used after wheat for 3 years. 

Am I going to have a disaster?

Lab sample number 10196   Yield Tons DM/A 3.55   Nutrient   lbs /A   Carbon, C 3027   Nitrogen, N 254.1           Phosphorus, P2O5 56.5   Potassium, K2O 198.5   Calcium, Ca 62.5   Magnesium, Mg 21.1   Sulfur, S 17.7   Chloride, Cl 0.0           Zinc, Zn 0.213   Iron, Fe 7.759   Manganese, Mn 0.639   Copper, Cu 0.062   Boron, B 0.000   Molybdenum, Mo 0.000           Ratio C:N 11.9          


Icon_missing_medium jzemlicka 1 Post

Strip-Till / Seeking Weed Control Advice

On behalf of a strip-tilling friend in South Africa, I am posting a question regarding weed control. He currently strip-tills  90% of his crops. However, he is finding a difference in the weed control between strip-till and conventional fields. He's attempted to find some research regarding differences in herbicide use, either quantity or timing of applications? Anyone know whether there has been research done that has quantified or attempted to quantify the difference in unwanted plant populations as well as the difference in herbicides? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!
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