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No-till works on all soils ?

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Thought we could do with a controversial thread on this ! So often farmers claim that no-till just won't work on their soils.


Is this just an excuse resulting from fear of change ? or lack of technical ability ? :eek:


For most its much easier to blame the inadequacy of machinery or the uniqueness of their soil rather than face the fact that the entire basis upon which they are farming from rotation through nutrition is fundamentally flawed.


Right now you can afford to farm how the hell you want to as an arable grower and unless you are tragically bad at it your not going to go out of business ??


I have visited farmers successfully long term no-till farming on soil far worse than I have seen claimed couldn't no-till and nearly always when I have been told a tale of how no-till failed when you dig deeper you can see that it wasn't really the mechanic's of the process that failed but factors like rotation, nutrition, general managment etc


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Forums » General No-Till » No-till works on all soils ?