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[WorldGuard] Crop Protection

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  Icon_missing_medium kevinmanuel 35 Posts


So, I'm working on my server currently, and I need a bit of help with WorldGuard. Well, I just started working on my spawn point and decided to add a farm for scenery. After creating the farm, I claimed the area as a private region, and flagged it so that no one is able to build in the area. Unfortunately, I let a new player join and attempt to break the crops by "jumping" on them. He was successfully able to break crops by jumping on them instead of breaking them with his fist.


For more Details:

Custom animation studio


  Icon_missing_medium jamie225 2 Posts

we were given this extra curricular classes for farming in our schools, Made us learn how to produce tomatoes, cauli flower and peas. It was such a fun doing farming. I loved everything about it. Now a adays when i look at my younger brother, they have no affection for doing anything what so ever. So i have used some back to school coupon collection so that he can get invoved in something.

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Forums » Crop Protection » [WorldGuard] Crop Protection