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Basis crop protection course

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Can anyone help,I am soon to take the basis crop protection course and must do a 3000 word project.Has anyone done this course that can advise me on a project topic.My first choice was a two field comparison with the final yields as the ending result.It seems that this is not acceptable and my tutors advice was very vague.cheers.

Please help.


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  1 MikeCurley 1 Post

Imagine that, crops don't do well when they are not watered when it's hot. Crop yields are sure to drop because farmers won't adapt to this. Really? Bigger plants somehow will also lead to lower crop yields in their minds! 
Never mind that the move away from fossil fuels invalidates any silly conclusions they make because they used a high emissions scenario that is unrealistic.  
It is well known that CO2 makes plants more drought resistant because they more efficiently respire, I will
do my homework today later to check if I am not mistaken, but I am sure that CO2 makes plants more drought resistant. They need less water not more with increasing CO2 levels. Farmers can also maintain the same crops in a warmer climate by using seeds more adapted to those conditions.

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Forums » Crop Protection » Basis crop protection course