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If Glyphosate Were Not an Option

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  Icon_missing_medium LBarrera 2 Posts

A grower in France is looking to improve his soil health by no-tilling. He'd like to know: What would U.S. no-tillers do if Roundup Ready and other genetically modified crops were not allowed? If a Europe-wide ban on glyphosate occurs in the next 10 years, what would you do if you were a grower in Europe trying to no-till?

If you grow any non-GMO crops or have suggestions for this farmer on how to make no-till work without glyphosate, your response would be appreciated.

  David davidglines 2 Posts

My recommendation to them is quit harming people and making it a profession. I work seven days, so I can bear to purchase all non GMO. I don't need to be harmed at cafes either, as I never visit them. I feed my felines all natural bio food and I purchase non ethanol gas. Additionally, I purchase utilized  clothes, so there's no support of GM cotton, since I can't yet bear the cost of natural clothes. I am not supporting toxic substances and cooperate with essay assistance experts to help make the articles about natural goods go viral. On the off chance that they would prefer not to develop nourishment they ought to go accomplish something unique since what they are developing isn't sustenance. I trust they go bankrupt so the land can mend itself from their toxins.

  Icon_missing_medium russellrexro... 1 Post

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Forums » Crop Protection » If Glyphosate Were Not an Option