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Indoor/outdoor plants and bugs

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I have a few geraniums and three rosemary plants I keep in all winter but, put outside year round when it's above freezing, been doing this for quite a few years, right now it seems one of them or a few have had a fly lay eggs that have hatched, I have killed atleast a 100 very tiny flies on my glass doors, they still seem to be coming from one (endless it seems)I also recently notined these VERY tiny bugs on the floor by the plants. These bugs are about the size of a broken off very sharp pencil lead, with my glasses and a magnifying glass I can barely make them out. Big rear end compared to the front, black, 6 or 8 legs.

What might I be able to do to get rid of the flies and bugs without hurting the plants?? 


Any help will be apprecited.


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Thank you.


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Forums » Soil, Seeding and Planting » Indoor/outdoor plants and bugs