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Seeding Issues?

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I am still rather new to Mac OS, and new to Deluge. I am running OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan) and the latest version of Deluge. I use both private tracker sites and public. One thing i've noticed is, my completed files on the private tracker, have a tough time seeding, I know there are say only 3 trackers as opposed to 14 or so on the public torrents/trackers, but a few of the files I am seeding do have Peers. I see the files as having peers on the private site, and I see myself seeding them on the site. My ratio on these files suck, I've followed the guidelines for bandwidth and queue within Deluge. (I shoud note I use a VPN, starting the vpn then opening Deluge. My VPN has options, but I use it on Automatic). I will likely add a screenshot very soon. But these are my settings: Bandwith tab: Maximum Connections - 125, Maximum Upload Slots, Max Download/Upload Speed: -1, Max half open connections: 35, max connects per second: 20. then on Queue: total active: 15, total active downloading: 10, total active seeding; 15. I changed the seeding time to 500 (m). the announce on the trackers are OK, but it seems i always upload to the public ones and not the private ones. Any help? Thanks! I am very appreciative of any replies. I know I can seed, and I have a 5 Mbps upload.. but seems it doesn't want to seed to the private trackers. Despite a file having 20 Peers. 

 Any help will be apprecited.

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Forums » Soil, Seeding and Planting » Seeding Issues?