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New Greasless Pin/sleeve/bushings for drills

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As a mechanic I'm still running into farmers who have not yet heard of the greasless pin/sleeve bushing kits for JD airseeders and drills. I have been putting these in for a year and a half now without any issues or complaints. In fact, once the farmer hears he never has to crawl in, around, under, and over his drill, (of course you must still grease the axle of the depth adjuster) they are very much sold on the product. They seem to be working well and I have yet had a farmer call that these have failed or would rather go back to JD OEM kits.

Aricks, the company from Australia, is a supplier of such kits for the closing and press wheel joints, as well as main row unit pins. Needham also makes kits I have put in many times as well. John Deere will be coming out with their own greasless kits very soon as I'd think they have finally realized the popularity and the durability of this innovation.

But, I would like to hear from farmers out there who have these kits in and how they are doing so far. I've ran into some farmers who are JD through and through and want to stick with JD parts, but in the end every one has opted for the greasless. As I stated, I started putting these kits in a year and a half ago but there has to be some drills out there who had them longer than that.  So what is your experience with them in your drills? Has anyone had a few joints replaced with the greasless but still had some steel JD kits installed to see the wear difference?

I myself am looking for a farmer who wants to put this to the test for the knowledge of us all. I'd like to put in JD kits, Needham kits, and Aricks kits on the same drill and keep a log after every season.

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Forums » Equipment » New Greasless Pin/sleeve/bushings for drills