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Hired worker issue

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I play farming simulator 17 but am having ongoing issues with my hired workers. On a save game, the hired workers for the fertilizer spreader, sprayer, and weeder will not work. They used to work fine but all of a sudden those three implements don't work with a hired worker. I press the hired worker key on my keyboard, the tractor and implement doesn't move at all, and it says that the worker has completed their task. The fields that I want them to work on are not fertilized or anything. They do not work in any crop stage. The weeder obviously just used in the first stage, but it doesn't work in the first crop stage, as well as the sprayer, and fertilizer spreader. I created a new save game and discovered that the hired workers for the weeder, fertilizer spreader, and sprayer worked again. So I got my equipment back on this new save game and they worked fine. But today i was ready to use the weeder on my new crop in the first stage and it said that the helper has completed their task. So I tried the other two implements that also had this problem in my last save game, and they did not work as well. I would appreciate it so much if someone could help me find a solution to this very aggravating problem.

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