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Forums » Equipment » Bug: Drill File Layers mixed up

Bug: Drill File Layers mixed up

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Not sure where to report a bug for Viewmate 11.4.42 (and earlier versions):

Bug: When I select multiple drill files to import the layers get mixed up.


- I have 3 drill files: 1-2.drl, 3-4.drl, 1-4.drl 

- File 1-4 has 2 hole sizes, vias and mounting holes. Files 1-2 and 3-4 have only the via hole size. 

- When imported it shows as two layers, both named 1-4 = OK

- If I select all three files and import their drill data, then the extra layers for 1-4 are improperly unnamed and out of order, making it look like the drills belong to a different layer pair.

- This has caused issues as our designers have gone back to find why drills were associated with wrong layer pair, but in end found it is a Viewmate Issue with import of multiple drill files.

Work Around: Import drill files one at a time. Issue is new users don't know this and can get messed up.


Any help will be apprecited.


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Forums » Equipment » Bug: Drill File Layers mixed up