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Adding hydraulic capacity?

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 Im planning on getting an air seeder to pull with a Case 2470 open center tractor. While there are a few seeders around with small engines, I've never seen one close up. Most seeders have a hydraulic fan needing 8 ? 10 gpm flow, and I?d like to get a hydraulic fan, then upgrade to a closed center tractor as soon as I can. The 2470 has 1000 PTO. 

I?m looking at either building a PTO powered hydraulic set up?.pump, tank etc, or I can put a small engine on the tow behind air cart, either with a hydraulic pack on it or maybe even direct drive the fan with a v belt. Fan needs to maintain 2800 ? 4000 rpm. I?m also looking at pull type sprayers, so it would be good if I could also use the same thing to drive a hydraulic sprayer pump on open center tractors. 

Any one have any experience with building a PTO or small engine hydraulic power pack for constant load? 

 Any help will be apprecited.

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Forums » Equipment » Adding hydraulic capacity?